Welcome to the Faculty of Health Sciences, at Nelson Mandela University!

Given the countries COVID-19 status and the institutions duty toward complying with regulations, the 2021 Registration process will follow an online approach.
In accommodating our First Year 2021 cohort of students, we have created step-by-step videos, per qualification for the faculties first year's. Please select your appropriate qualification video to register.
Down-payments are to be settled and Proof of Payment emailed to the Accounts department; prior to registering.
This along with other important information was sent to all Faculty of Health Sciences, First Year Students via email. Carefully read the email and watch the video to successfully register. 





*Please be advised, the campus is not accessible at present for assistance with registration. Contact your respective Faculty Academic Administrative Consultant (FAAC) via email; indicated in all Step-by-Step video's for your convenience.