Welcome to the Faculty of Health Sciences, at Nelson Mandela University!

Given the countries COVID-19 status, the 2022 Registration process will follow an online approach. In accommodating our First Year 2022 cohort of students, we have created step-by-step videos, per qualification for the faculties first year's. Select your appropriate qualification video to watch before registering online.


Down-payments are required before registering online.

Proof of Payment to be emailed to Student Accounts (studentaccounts@mandela.ac.za); prior to registering online.

The 2022 Online Registration Guidelines are downloadable from this page as well as a comprehensive Registration Guide for First Year Studentshttps://www.mandela.ac.za/Study-at-Mandela/Registration/2022-Registration







*Please be advised, the campus is not accessible at present for assistance with registration. Contact your respective Faculty Academic Administrative Consultant (FAAC) via email; indicated in all Step-by-Step video's for your convenience.