3 Day Course

Occupational Health Practioners, Environmental Health
Practioners wishing to do audiometric testing, Safety Managers,
Occupational Risk Officials, Other persons with a minimum matric
certificate wishing to obtain a certificate in audiometry:
Hearing Conservation Programme (Noise Management); Effects of
noise exposure, Physics of Sound, Anatomy & Physiology of the
Ear, and more!

1 - 3 NOVEMBER 2023


Clinical Social Work
Intervention with Families

Equipping participants with specialist knowledge and skills
in the following areas:
Structural therapy for working with blended families;
Narrative therapy for working with families who are dealing
with addictions (Substance use disorder and behavioral
addictions); Divorce mediation and parenting plans.

19 - 20 OCTOBER 2023


Personal Wellness for
Helping Professions

Focusing on you as a health professional. In these
sessions we focus on a holistic understanding of wellness
and unpack discipline-specific and organizational factors
impacting on our wellbeing while developing our own
personalized wellness strategies.

12 - 13 OCTOBER / 9 - 10 NOVEMBER 2023

Food Hygiene Training
for a Person in Charge

The Basic Food Hygience short course is offered in terms of
section 32 of the Higher Education Act, No 101 of 1997:
Basic principles and practices of food safety and hygiene;
The Food Hygiene Training for a Person-in-Charge SLP
covers all the requirements of R638 in detail

20 - 21 OCTOBER 2023