• All research undertaken for degree; non-degree purposes and/or for publication  will require the relevant research protocol and Ethics Application form to be submitted for review and approval at the Faculty Research Committee (FPGSC) and the Institutional Research Ethics Committee (RECH for research with Human Participants and REC-A for animal studies/trials). 
  • The Faculty Research Ethics serves as the first point of review to assess the scientific rigor of the research and approval of the project proposal/protocol and guidance on ethical considerations.     
  • Students should use guidelines from their departments regarding the length of proposal. In addition to the Proposal and RECH form, students are required to submit a proposal evaluation form. ( see document Proposal Process flow) 
  • As per policy, Retrospective approvals are not permitted. The ethics clearance should be sought Prior to data collection commencement.  
  • Primary Responsible Person (PRP)-supervisor/promoter is needed for all ethics application.  This is inclusive from applications from Research Associates and Professional associates. They should submit their application in conjunction with a permanent staff member who will assume the role of the PRP, in order to ensure that the PI is aware of the policy and procedures of obtaining ethical clearance. The PRP will also serve as the contact person for the distribution of communication via the internal communication systems 
  • For staff members collaborating with  colleagues from outside the university, the proposal is not approved by any research ethics committee and the participants are not Nelson Mandela University, the staff member (who will assume the role of PRP) should submit a research proposal to the faculty for review 
  • Following Institutional approval from RECH and the DVC: Research, Innovation and International is sought, the researchers will submit the relevant approvals and a study proposal to the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences who will provide faculty gatekeeper approval.