A welcome from the Acting Director of Research, Professor Paula Melariri

Welcome to Nelson Mandela University's Faculty of Health Sciences! Whether you're a current Postgraduate student or a future one, we're thrilled you're here. Our Faculty is uniquely tied to Nelson Mandela's legacy, shaping our academic mission and values. Prepare to join a transformative journey, guided by Mandela's belief in education's power to change the world. We focus on holistic healthcare, community engagement, and addressing health determinants. Change is our constant companion, but together, we'll embrace it. Along our campuses, a world of knowledge awaits your exploration and growth. Collaboration is key, so work as a team and let our values shine through your actions. Our challenging yet rewarding postgraduate program sets you apart, and with dedication and God's grace, you'll excel. As curious and brave explorers, you're embarking on a meaningful research journey. Let's contribute to our vision of a sustainable future, and congratulations on becoming a part of Nelson Mandela University's legacy.


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Ms Thembeka Sdinane

Associate Lecturer

Tel: +27(0)41 504 4020


Financial Wellness

Nelson Mandela University's Financial Aid
Office will have dedicated help desks on
North, Missionvale and George campuses
to assist students with their queries around
financial assistance.

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Student Housing

Nelson Mandela University provides
different types of residences for students
Campus presents all the undergraduate
at different stages of their development.


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