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Faculty of Health Sciences

Executive Dean
Lungile Pepeta
Prof Lungile Pepeta
Position: Executive Dean: Faculty of Health Sciences
Department: Faculty of Health Sciences
Email: lungile.pepeta@mandela.ac.za

Executive Assistant To Executive Dean
Mrs Annaline Maasdorp
Position: Executive Assistant
Department: Faculty of Health Sciences
Room: R0126
Location: Summerstrand Campus (South)
Phone: 041 504 2815
Fax: 041 504 2854
Email: annaline.maasdorp@mandela.ac.za

Administrative Assitant: Office of The Dean
Mr Sherwin King
Mr Sherwin King
Position: Administrative Assistant
Department: Faculty of Health Sciences
Room: 070119
Location: Summerstrand Campus (South)
Phone: 27 41 504 4040
Fax: 27 41 504 1589
Email: sherwin.king@mandela.ac.za

Deputy Dean
Prof Dalena Van Rooyen
Professor Dalena Van Rooyen
Position: Deputy Dean: Health Sciences
Department: School of Clinical Care Sciences
Room: 2nd Floor C Block
Location: Off-campus
Phone: 27 41 504 2960
Fax: 27 41 504 2616
Email: Dalena.vanRooyen@mandela.ac.za
Qualifications: D Cur, M Cur, B Cur Hons, B Cur, Dip N Edu, Dip Int Care, Cert General Mng
My site: CSIR Campus

Director: Schools of Clinical Care Sciences & Medicinal Sciences
Nanette Smith
Prof Nanette Smith
Position: Director of School: Medicinal Sciences
Department: Medical Laboratory Sciences
Room: D102E
Location: Summerstrand Campus (North)
Phone: 27 41 504 3102
Fax: 27 41 504 3117
Email: Nanette.Smith@mandela.ac.za
Qualifications: PhD (Biochemistry)

Personal Assistant To Director
Unam Jacobs
MS Unam Jacobs
Position: Project Co-ordinator
Department: School of Medicinal Sciences
Room: D102
Location: Summerstrand Campus (North)
Phone: 041 504 3465
Fax: 041 504 1061
Email: unam.jacobs2@mandela.ac.za

Director: Schools of Behavioural Sciences & Lifestyle Sciences
Prof Louise Stroud
Prof Louise Stroud
Position: Director of School
Department: School of Behavioural Sciences
Room: 07LG15
Location: Summerstrand Campus (South)
Phone: 27 41 504 2682/2569
Fax: 27 41 504 2101
Email: louise.stroud@mandela.ac.za
Qualifications: MA (Cl); PhD