Lauded as a beacon of hope for the region, province, and country as the need for medical professionals mounts, our medical school’s educational focus on the Missionvale Campus is on preventative medicine, promoting healthier lifestyles, community engagement to achieve good health and wellbeing, enhancing food security as a means of poverty alleviation, and supporting economic development through cutting-edge research.

Amid the uncertainty that the Covid-19 pandemic brought, Nelson Mandela University opened its medical school – the 10th in South Africa – at its Missionvale campus last year.

Why give to the Mandela University Medical School?

  • It uses an innovative, transformative, distributive teaching model with an emphasis on comprehensive primary health care and preventative medicine with a focus on leveraging the benefits of technology to deliver effective health professions education.
  • Its transformative interprofessional education model (IPE) will see doctors study and develop alongside nurses, radiographers, psychologists, environmental health practitioners, pharmacists, emergency medical care students, and the like, to offer holistic and integrated health care that instils a multidisciplinary approach to health problems and solutions.
  • The Faculty of Health Sciences’ health care ethos includes an integration of preventative, promotive, curative and innovative healthcare.
  • The Mandela University six-year, MBChB degree (a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) aims to produce graduates who fulfil all the graduate attributes as defined by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and go beyond, all in a unique, community- focused setting.

The Nelson Mandela Medical School provides an opportunity to shape local and national history through producing doctors that are well-versed in global health challenges and solutions and inspired to plough back lessons learnt into our communities through dedicated service.

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