Name: Dr. Aidan Leigh Battison

Email: aidanbattison@gmail.com

Tel: 072 497 7100

Current Position: DSI Nanomedicine Post-Doctoral Research Assistant


She specializes in Organic Chemistry, particularly in the field of chemosensor design and synthesis, as well as qualitative and quantitative analysis of analyte binding strategies. During her PhD, she synthesized and fully characterized both fluorescent and non-fluorescent coumarin-based chemosensors for the purpose of sensing and extracting harmful cations and anions from aqueous media with greater sensitivity, selectivity, and at a lower cost as compared to conventional sensing methods.

During her MSc studies, she synthesized, characterized, and applied fluorescent polymeric-based sensors towards analyte sensing strategies. Owing to the therapeutic and diagnostic applications of these novel coumarin-based compounds in the literature, she now aims to functionalize these units with a range of different nanomaterials for the overall goal of potential disease diagnostics and therapeutics.


  • PhD Chemistry
  • MSc Chemistry
  • BSc Hons Chemistry (Cum Laude)
  • BSc General (Math, Botany, Geology, Chemistry) (Cum Laude)