Research Associates 
Research Associates (RAs) contributes to the university research community through conducting research, offering expertise in postgraduate research supervision, and publishing under the banner of the University.  They are governed by the Research and Professional Associate Policy and Implementation Procedure (IRC 405.05).  This policy outlines the roles and responsibilities as well as obligations of the Research Associate to the university. 
How to become an RA? 
  • You need to communicate your interest to become an RA with the relevant Head of Department. If you are unsure who to contact, Ms Thembeka Sdinane is available to assist at Thembeka.Sdinane@mandela.ac.za, she will provide you with the forms you need to submit together with the policy and refer you to the relevant Head of Department.  
  • The Head of Department will submit the nomination and motivation to the Faculty REC, which will review the appointment.  The appointment is for 3 years if approved and the RA may renew their status after that period, which will also be subjected to review by the faculty. 
The appointment of a Research Associate or Professional Associate is non-remunerative and provides access to the following benefits:
  • Staff identification card so that they can access our campuses. 
  • Access to the university email domain, the internet domain and Library and Information systems.  
  • The RA will also be able to create a research account with the finance department. 


Files you can download:

Contact information
Ms Thembeka Sdinane
Associate Lecturer
Tel: 041 504 4020