Dr Wilma ten Ham-Baloyi – a researcher with many years of experience is our Interprofessional Health Research coordinator that forms part of the DHET.
In striving to create relevant health solutions, our Faculty’s Research is very closely linked to the health priorities or burden of disease of the Eastern Cape, notwithstanding the national, regional and global health priorities. Our academics are involved in interprofessional health research, as it allows them to collaborate with researchers from different (health) disciplines, sharing and expanding resources and expertise. This type of collaboration is beneficial as academics are able to achieve better research outputs than they would have on their own.
Our faculty, through support from DHET funds Interprofessional Health Research Projects, the following table lists a few of the areas that our faculty are focusing on: 


# Title Lead Researcher/ Department Collaboration

Measuring vibration intensity on truck drivers.

Dr Shaun Ramroop  Environmental Health Human Movement Science Developer (external)
2 Physico-chemical properties of water bodies in areas with reported cases of Schistosomiasis in Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Prof Paula Melariri (Environmental Health) Environmental Health Chemistry KEMRI-Kenya (RA EH) CSIR (RA EH) Medical Laboratory Sciences
3 Community health workers experiences of supporting family caregivers caring for relatives with mental illnesses Dr David Morton (Nursing Science) Social Development Psychology Nursing Science Occupational Therapist (external)
4 A practical guide to developing virtual reality exercises for teaching biochemical pathways in health science education Dr Savania Nagiah (Medical Programme) Medical Programme Media Services/Learning and Teaching Collaboration Medical Laboratory Science Axio VR (external)
5 A Practical Guide to Develop Digital Game-Based Learning in Health Education: a game-based exercise teaching diabetes management to Emergency Medical Care and Nursing Science students Mr Mugsien Rowland (Emergency Medical Care) Emergency Medical Care Nursing Science Faculty of Health Sciences Media Services/Learning and Teaching Collaboration
6 Exploring collaboration between healthcare professionals and teachers to enhance contraceptive uptake by school-going teenagers in the Nelson Mandela Bay Health District Prof James (Nursing Science) Nursing Science Psychology School of Education
7 Determining maternal perceptions and knowledge regarding factors leading to obesity of children under five years of age in Nelson Mandela Bay District Mrs Mercia Kramer (Nursing Science) Nursing Science Dietetics Human Movement Science Psychology