Name: Dr Stiaan Schoeman

Email: stiaan.schoeman@mandela.ac.za

Tel: 074 603 1737

Current Position: DSI Nanomedicine Post-Doctoral Research Fellow


Dr Stiaan Schoeman completed his PhD in Chemistry at Nelson Mandela University. He specialised in Organic Chemistry, focusing on the field of fluorescent and colourimetric chemosensors. He designed and synthesised various novel coumarin-based chemosensors, which he used for the qualitative and quantitative detection of different toxic metal cations in solution. In his doctoral research, he showed that oxygen-containing chemosensors can be modified to change the preferred analyte from iron to mercury with excellent selectivity. 

Owing to the many pharmaceutical properties of coumarin derivatives as seen in literature, he now aims to incorporate these novel coumarin derivatives into nanoparticles for their application in disease diagnostics and therapeutics.


  • PhD Chemistry
  • MSc Chemistry (Cum Laude)
  • BSc Hons Chemistry
  • BSc Biochemistry and Chemistry