The DSI-NMU Nanomedicine platform focuses on the synthesis of nanoparticles to enhance the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases. We are located at the Nelson Mandela University Medical School on the Missionvale campus. Our research focus areas are the synthesis and manufacture of nanotechnology-based pharmaceuticals, blood transfusion products, sensors, and air purification technologies.

Mission Statement

To lead in the emerging field of nanomedicine by developing smart nanotechnologies that improve health and quality of life.

To work with postgraduate students, researchers, and clinicians in an interdisciplinary research environment to develop cutting-edge nanomedicine research that make a positive impact on society and help address Sustainable Development Goals

To train the next generation of leaders in nanomedicine, and support diversity and gender equality.

To raise public awareness and inform the scientific community, the public and policy makers about our research findings and the potential of nanomedicine.


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