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Faculty of Health Sciences

A healthy partnership

Presentations on the role and impact of fatherhood in family structure, collaboration to provide female health talks for the middle-aged and elderly and incorporating life skills into soccer for boys from Gelvandale and Helenvale.

These are but a few of the projects identified in the memorandum of understanding that was signed on  3 August 2011 between Nelson Mandela University and Famhealth Medipark (FHM) in Gelvandale. And the community will be the beneficiary of all projects.

Dr Essie Ricks from Nelson Mandela Universities Nursing Science Department says through its set of values (respect for diversity, excellence, integrity, Ubuntu, respect for the natural environment and responsibility), Nelson Mandela University aligns with the goals of FHM in its quest for community upliftment, transformation, development and sustainable enterprise through health promotion and education for work and life.

The agreement will also provide opportunities for student integration during experiential learning through discourse, and shared expertise towards meeting common goals.

FHM will also in terms of the agreement, by availing its facilities to Nelson Mandela Universities academic staff and students and Nelson Mandela University, in turn, will do the same for FHM if it is feasible and practical.

Read more about FamHealth MediPark at www.famhealth.info.