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Faculty of Health Sciences

The Faculty of Health Sciences, consists of four schools housing a variety of courses and under the direction of: 


Professor Nanette Smith 

(Director of Schools)

                    SCHOOL OF CLINICAL CARE SCIENCES                   &                    SCHOOL OF MEDICINAL SCIENCES

                         - Emergency Medical Care                                                               - Pharmacy

                         - Nursing Science                                                                              - Medical Laboratory Science

                         - Radiography




Professor Louise Stroud

(Director of Schools)

                    SCHOOL OF BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCES                     &                   SCHOOL OF LIFESTYLE SCIENCES

                         - Environmental Health                                                                  - Dietetics

                         - Psychology                                                                                     - Human Movement Sciences

                         - Social Development Professions


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Post-graduate Diploma or Certificate

Honours Degree

M Tech Degree

Master's Degree

Doctoral Degree